Swannington Farm to Fork

Swannington Farm to Fork is a multi award winning rural farm business supplying us with quality meat. The Mutimer family have been rearing pigs outdoors since 1973 and in recent years have developed Swannington Farm-to-Fork into a multi-award winning rural business.The animals are reared to the highest welfare standards and the farm is fully recognised by schemes such as the RSPCA’s Freedom Food Scheme, Red Tractor Assurance Scheme and SALSA. Pigs thrive on the grass covered sandy soil on our farm, while sheep and beef cattle graze the beautiful environmentally sensitive meadows of Swannington Beck, the cleanest tributary of the River Wensum. Our beef is supplied by Swannington Farm To Fork and is produced by Mairi Child, some of which has been grazed on our farm, so we know exactly how it has been reared.