Ferndale Norfolk Cheeses

Ferndale Norfolk Cheeses supply us with the delicious Norfolk Dapple Cheese, produced on Ferndale Farm just a couple of miles down the road from The Walpole Arms, at Little Barningham. Ferndale Farm is a traditional Norfolk family farm growing potatoes, wheat, malting barley, sugar beet, and swedes, and are involved in conservation schemes, helping the farm work with nature. They are also home to Ferndale Norfolk Cheeses, making proper old-fashioned farmhouse cheeses.   ‘Norfolk Dapple’ is an unpasteurised, clothbound, hard cows’ milk cheese with a dappled rind, in the colours of the Barn Owl’s wing feathers. Ferndale also make a smoked version, and two other cheeses called ‘Carrow’ (flavoured with mustard seeds) and ‘Ruby Dapple’ (marbled with Port).