The Walpole’sĀ ethos is to serve innovative modern British cuisine prepared from the highest quality, locally sourced, seasonal produce, selected with genuine care. Our menus change on a daily basis, and cater for meat lovers and fish eaters as well as vegetarians alike. Our totally refurbished kitchen features the latest technology and top of the range appliances, and a fabulous new chargrill means that chargrilled meat and fish are a regular speciality on our menu.

Here in Norfolk we have some of the best fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat and game in the country; from Morston mussels, Cromer crabs and lobsters, to samphire and Wood Farm asparagus plus much more, making creating delicious dishes that much simpler. Our beef is produced by Mairi Child and supplied by Swannington Farm To Fork, some of which has been grazed on our farm, so we know exactly how it has been reared. All our produce is freshly bought and prepared, it is both local and seasonal, some from our own farms.

During the winter months you can expect to see partridge and pheasant from the farm on the menu, each bird will have been carefully selected for its eating quality.

From these superb ingredients our team of chefs create a meal that is more than the sum of its parts.