Crush Foods

Started in 2010, Crush is an artisan food producer based in the quaint little village of Swannington, right in the heart of Norfolk. Crush produce Cold pressed Rapeseed oil, Infused oils, Dressings/sauces and Granola. They use only the best single variety of Rapeseed to make their outstanding Oil, loved for its delicate and subtle flavour. With half the saturated fat of Olive oil, 10x the Omega-3, and a high burn point, their Oil is essential for every kitchen. Crush believe with all of their hearts that food should be Fun, Natural and British!

Fun   We here at Crush believe food should be fun for everyone. No complicated stuff, just yummy, fun cooking for everyone to enjoy!

Natural   You can be sure we don’t hide any nasties in our food. We keep it simple, so you can easily continue a balanced, nutritious diet, and enjoy your Crush the way you like it, knowing exactly what’s inside.

British   We are proud to eat British, and feel every kitchen in the land should be packed with delicious locally produced food. This is why we at Crush source local ingredients as much as possible. This also means we can keep our food miles low. No long-journeys for our food!!